Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My apologies to the few who read this blog. Unless something miraculous happens (as in a few people commit to weekly contribution to this site), I will be shutting down the Thinking Christians Blog.

This site was intended for multiple contributors. I simply cannot solely provide the content that such a site should have. Such a Blog should be a lively place full of thought-provoking and Biblical commentary on the world around us. My vision for TCB has not been realized. It takes quite a bit of work to keep up such a thing, and with my current commitments, I cannot keep it running alone.

If you are reading this and are willing and committed to posting regular thought-provoking tidbits about the world around us from a Biblical perspective, please email me at disciple AT dreifuss DOT org.

If nobody answers, it is farewell and Godspeed. I'll continue to post thoughts and such over at


At 6:31 AM, Blogger E.merge said...

Mate, I'm sympathetic to your plight, and to be honest, a bit ticked off at the world that good thoughtful discussion isn't warmly embraced by the multitudes, but that's a sad reflection on them, not you. I have enjoyed the times I've browsed over your blog, but I'm not a man with much time, so I don't dwell too long here or there, but read and dash and I'll miss the content. God bless.


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